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Bop Shop: Songs From Soccer Mommy, Casey Veggies, Molly Burch, And More

A warm ode to a late friend, a sweet start of the holiday season, and more

The search for the ever-elusive "bop" is difficult. Playlists and streaming-service recommendations can only do so much. They often leave a lingering question: Are these songs really good, or are they just new?

Enter Bop Shop, a hand-picked selection of songs from the MTV News team. This weekly collection doesn't discriminate by genre and can include anything — it's a snapshot of what's on our minds and what sounds good. We'll keep it fresh with the latest music, but expect a few oldies (but goodies) every once in a while, too. Get ready: The Bop Shop is now open for business.

  • Soccer Mommy: "yellow is the color of her eyes"

    Sophie Allison, a.k.a Soccer Mommy, released the deliciously bedeviled "lucy" earlier this year. She's back with even more low-key anguish on her longest song yet, "yellow is the color of her eyes," which sounds about as lovely as a song about desperation can. There's a lot to take in here: the 7:15 runtime, the jaundiced Alex Ross Perry-directed visual, the haunted delivery of "I could lie but it's never made me feel good inside, I'm still so blue," so it might be best to just experience it for yourself. "The song was inspired by a time when I was on the road constantly and I felt like I was losing time — specifically with my mother," she said in a statement. Now, let yourself get lost in the dulled glow of Allison's fraught haze. —Patrick Hosken

  • Tahgi: "Misbhv"

    Hearing a good courting story makes you warm inside, like when you're watching a rom-com and get to the actual romance following an hour or so of flirty smiles and almost-kisses. Tahgi, a singer and rapper out of Cleveland, knows how to make you feel absolutely fuzzy with "Msbhv." The sugary beat is the backdrop for him to shoot his shot at a woman who's often courted and explain to her what separates him from the pack of feral guys behind him. It's adorable, in a blushing kind of way, and it's a bit deeper than just buying a drink and spitting game at the bar for a few minutes. Tahgi's gift as a songwriter is to break big ideas into the smallest, most understandable, nuggets. It makes "Misbhv" simple, sweet, and extremely clean. —Trey Alston

  • Molly Burch: "Holiday Dreaming"

    Hear me out... I know Thanksgiving is still a week away and you're probably going, "Stop! I'm a grinch and I say it's too early for Christmas music!" But here's the thing about this particular bop: Yes, it's from a brand-spankin' new Christmas album (The Molly Burch Christmas Album, to be exact), but there are zero mentions of stockings, Santa, snowmen, or sleighs. Instead, it's more generally about the coziest season of the year and all the wistful feelings that come with it. "Holiday dreaming of you," Burch sings, with that kind of classic indie-girl voice that's tailor-made for wintry playlists. "And I wanna be the one / That you're also dreaming of." It's warm, jazzy, and the perfect tune for you to ease back into the most wonderful time of the year. Because once Thanksgiving is through, it's over for you grinches. —Madeline Roth

  • Dogleg: "Fox"

    Much like acne and repressed memories of that time you farted in AP Chemistry and everyone heard, teenage angst never goes away. In fact, as the annual pilgrimage home for the holiday season begins, you might say that we're officially entering Teen Angst SZN. So, be it a racist elder family member or the migration of your high-school graduating class to the designated hometown bar that sends you to your childhood bedroom, you'll probably need some new tunes to pass the time.

    Thankfully, Ann Arbor rockers Dogleg are here to provide the perfect anthem for being surrounded by old posters of New Found Glory and Taking Back Sunday. (Or, if you're from Michigan, Small Brown Bike.) "Fox" is a relentless, three-minute punk assault, perfect for practicing epic stage dives into your twin bed. With an appropriately mosh-heavy music video to match, "Fox" is a helpful reminder that, unlike that goldfish you won at the school carnival a decade ago, punk will never die. Dogleg's debut album is due out in 2020. —Bob Marshall

  • Haim: "Hallelujah"

    A few weeks after allowing us into the minds of those struggling with depression on "Now I'm In It," the Haim sisters returned with a heartfelt and spiritual ballad that anyone who's suffered a loss will certainly hold dear. "Hallelujah," Alana revealed, is about "family, love, loss, and being thankful for it all." It's also a tribute to a friend she lost at just 20 years old in a tragic car accident.

    In the first verse, Danielle sings about easing fears and tears drying in time. Here, the sisters aren't dwelling on hardships, but instead trying to heal from them. And although they've lost someone dear in the physical world, they've gained both an angel and perspective. "Give me direction when it is hard to fight," Este sings before bursting into a bone-chilling harmony with Danielle on the chorus. "Three roads, one light." Then, Alana addresses the loss directly. "I had a best friend but she has come to pass," she sings. And though her friend is no longer with us, her spirit is omnipresent. "Everywhere, you've been with me all along," Alana sings before she and her sisters harmonize over one final "hallelujah." Together, they can get through anything. —Jordyn Tilchen

  • Casey Veggies: Organic Deluxe Edition

    This isn't just one bop – it's five new bops for the price of one. Casey Veggies dropped his grand return album Organic in June and gave the game what it had been missing: deep, introspective rhymes without flowery language or "yeah!" ad-libs to take up dead space. Now, Casey has released a deluxe edition with five new songs and features from artists like Larry June and IAMSU!. Casey opens up about both Mac Miller and Nipsey Hussle in a heartfelt tribute to the late rappers and continuously finds new ways to grow bigger and badder with each extra cut. That Organic can thrive without the deluxe edition attached to it is a strength of the work. But with these new addenda, Casey's trials and tribulations have finally been given a full and complete story. —Trey Alston

  • The Pom-Poms - "Watch Me"

    "I never made a video you didn't embed," boasts rapper Kitty on this banger of a booming bass track. The zippy, rave-pop-tinged club track is a bouncy ride through Kitty's personality, rife with references to Mass Effect and the proclamation that the singer is an "Abercrombie lookin'-ass bitch." With a chanted, repetitive chorus demanding "WATCH ME, LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME," it's hard to look away, but not because the song demands it. It's because it's so damn good. —Brittany Vincent