Jersey Shore Bore: Is Vinny A Total Snoozefest (Like Snooki And Deena Say)?

The keto guido is under fire -- for being 'a miserable f*ck'

While the girls were off trying to liberate Sitch and track down President "Donnie" Trump on their own private little Family Vacation, they got a little sauced and talked smack on some of the guys... namely, Vinny.

The verdict on Vin? Apparently, he's "boring" -- Deena even went so far as to dub him "a miserable f*ck." Dayum.

"I'm a little over Vinny right now," she said. "I love the kid to death, but he annoys me. He's like the annoying little brother that's boring."

Snooki echoed that the keto guido's snooze factor could be a result of the fact that he "never drinks" around them -- or eats carbs, for that matter.

"I think Vinny has fun without us, but then when he's with us, he never drinks," she said. "He lives in Vegas now, he's stripping, you see him at the club drinking, he's having a good time. But then he's with us, and he just... hangs out."

In Vinny's defense, he is performing in a major Sin City stage production and needs to be in tip-top shape, but we digress. Upon their arrival back to the bore shore house, the girls let 'er rip on Vinny -- especially Deena.

"We let him do his thing. We let him be miserable. We let him get away with it, and I feel like it's time for someone to confront him," said the wine-loving meatball, who then addressed her roommate directly. "Pauly and Ron, they at least try and have fun. You just don't try and have a good time with us ever. You sit there like a lump on a long, and you don't do sh*t."

Luckily, the Staten Island native wasn't about to let their accusations of 24/7 dullness get to him -- he knew it was the rosé talking.

"I'm honestly trying not to respond to any of this," he said. "They're really drunk, but it's crazy. I feel like I'm getting jumped. Stop telling me how to live my life."

Fast forward to the morning after, and Deena opted to quickly "squash" her beef with Vin. In typical family fashion, the keto guido was receptive to D's apology and all was forgiven.

We all know that booze can serve as the ultimate truth serum -- so deep down, we're thinking Deena must believe her words on some level. Is Vinny "boring," or is he merely the quiet, funny type? Sound off with your thoughts, then stay with MTV News for more on the next season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation!