Teen Mom OG's Cory Is Saying 'Thank You' To Cheyenne By Going Tattoo Far

But what kind of ink does his baby mama have in store for him?

Cheyenne and Cory have documented raising their daughter on Teen Mom OG -- and now Ryder's father wants to say thank you for everything Cheynne has done for their little girl with some How Far Is Tattoo Far? ink.

In a sneak peek of this week's episode, the MTV twosome -- who met back in 2016 and welcomed Ryder in April 2017 -- privately review their tat designs before entering their personal parlors.

"Cheyenne thinks I'm going to come at her with a revenge tattoo, but I kind of want to give her a thank you for being such a great single mother," Cory explains to the artist and host Nico Tortorella. "I just know that time for her was so difficult, and it means so much to her. I want her to feel it!"

But does Cheyenne have the same intentions with the ink she plans for Cory? Hint: Not exactly. Watch her explain her motivation behind the permanent artwork in the clip -- and do not miss the entire installment, plus the reveal, on How Far Is Tattoo Far? tonight at 10/9c!