YouTube/Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth Shows What Teens Do After Sneaking Out At Night In 'Mother'

Parents just don't understand young love!

For the first time in a while, Charlie Puth isn't heartbroken. On his new single, "Mother," he's thinking about just how different his relationship is with his girlfriend when he's not the cheery, upstanding Romeo that her mother thinks that he is. In the music video for the song, we get a glimpse at the secret life that a girl lives with her boyfriend–right under her parents' noses. The entire time, Puth watches from afar, close to chuckling at the difference between perception and reality. It's quite adorable.

Puth is a mysterious, slightly otherworldly presence in the world of "Mother." He shakes his head as he watches a young woman sneak out of her house to hang out with her friends, one of them her lover. They get into all sorts of teenage trouble, such as taking the time to have a swim in a stranger's pool before they are caught and flee into the night. Later, the woman kisses her boyfriend, all while her parents remain unaware of what she's doing. In the end, she sneaks back into the house, her parents none the wiser. Puth's soft voice over the summery, shimmering beat singing "If your mother knew all the things we do" just makes the deception all the more sweeter.

Puth recently released "I Warned Myself" in August. He also appeared on a new version of "Easier" by 5 Seconds Of Summer.

Watch Puth surveying teenage love in "Mother" up above.