Jersey Shore Truce: Is JWOWW And Ronnie's Friendship Back On Track For Good?

The drama between the roommates might be in the rear view mirror

Ronnie (along with his hair and teeth) is in a better place following his time in rehab. And his friendship with JWOWW might be too.

During tonight's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation episode, the roommates appeared to move forward following a bout of not-so-great sentiments. The root of this recent tension: Ronnie was caught discussing JWOWW's under-the-radar divorce from Roger, which "infuriated" her. Karma, anyone? (And we're not talking the club.)

"When I was filing with Roger, I tried really hard to keep it under wraps," Jenni said, adding that her roommate appeared to take Roger's side, in the ultimate betrayal, when it all blew up publicly. "I think Ronnie's on Roger's side just to burn me, and it's the most hurtful part. Who wrote the note? Full-circle payback for me talking to his exes."

When Jenni nervously (and finally) spoke to Ron, he claimed he "wasn't trying to stir up trouble." Rather, he merely wanted to help his friend in a time of need.

"Roger's always been good to me, but Jenni is my sister," Ronnie noted. "She was going through some stuff; I was going through some stuff. And we just kind of weren't really helping each other out, and that's what we should have been doing."

That's when the two hugged it out, appearing to bury the Seaside hatchet.

"Ronnie's my brother, so I don't want to be at odds with him," Jenni confessed."I love him to death. I just want it to be how we used to be."

Is this end of the Ronnie/JWOWW drama once and for all? Sound off with your thoughts, then catch an all-new Jersey Shore: Family Vacation next Thursday at 8/7c. And for all things Jersey Shore related, subscribe to our official YouTube channel here!