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Rihanna Has A Mini Doppelgänger And The Resemblance Is Uncanny

Uzo Aduba, La La Anthony, Miranda Kerr, and so many others are in total shock

It's 2019, and we can probably all agree that the internet is a pretty crazy place. So crazy, in fact, that it's somehow become possible to discover our very own doppelgängers online — or at the very least, people we share specific features with. But when Rihanna found her own personal mini-me, she was completely shocked by the uncanny resemblance. And to be honest, we still can't quite get over it.

Along with the photo, which could easily be confused for a throwback pic of the singer, Rihanna wrote, "almost drop my phone. how?" And considering the two are pretty much identical, she wasn't the only one having to do a double-take. Celebrities and fans alike took to the comments to express their utter shock, and many automatically assumed that this was the work of FaceApp — the same app responsible for making everyone appear to be old.

Alas, this photo isn't the result of some silly app. And after it was posted, Uzo Aduba, La La Anthony, Shanina Shaik, Dorinda Medley, and Miranda Kerr among others shared their thoughts on her miniature lookalike. "Legit WOW," Aduba commented, with Kerr adding that the little girl is "adorable." We certainly can't argue with that!

After scrolling through the comments and seeing that everyone is just as shocked as we are by the resemblance, we just have one question: How did the "Love on the Brain" singer even discover her doppelgänger in the first place? Unfortunately, that remains a mystery, but she did tag the little girl's mom in the photo, which means we'll be endlessly scrolling through more pics to further prove that the two are actually twinning. Other fans, however, took this as an opportunity to remind her that they're waiting on new music:  "DROP THE ALBUM SIS, NOT THE PHONE!" Well, that's one way to do it!