Sober Lifestyle: How The Hills' Jason Has Made A 'Complete 180'

Find out which of his MTV cast members have helped him stay on the straight and narrow

From The Hills to New Beginnings, Jason has made a "complete 180." And during this week's installment, the now-married father opened up about his evolution since his early MTV days (2005, if we're being technical, with his Laguna Beach debut, or 2006 if we want to begin with The Hills).

"I was a womanizing alcoholic," Jason confessed. "[From] 18 to 23, I went to 12 different treatment centers from Florida to Hawaii. I was arrested 18 times, but over the past 10 years my life has totally made a complete 180."

Nine years ago, he met his future bride Ashley. The two have been married for five years and have a daughter named Delilah.

"This is the first sober relationship I've ever entered into," he explained. "I had actual feelings and emotions because I have numbed stuff out for so many years that I didn't know what it was like to have feelings anymore."

Ashley, who was sitting by his side, interjected with, "You're going to make me cry."

Now he's back with the rest of the crowd, but his outlook on life has completely changed. So which cast members have helped him stay on track with his sobriety?

"Heidi, Spencer, Audrina and Brandon -- they basically just reach out to make sure I'm doing well," Jason revealed during a recent interview with MTV News. "They check in, and if there's anything I need, it's nice to just get a text or a call from them. They check in often, which is good."

Even though Jason is a changed man, how will he and Ashley get along with everyone as the season progresses? Will past relationships remain strong, and what new ones will the couple forge? Be sure to keep watching the Wahlers every Monday on The Hills: New Beginnings at 10/9c!