The New Episodes Of Catfish Will Be Like Nothing You've Ever Seen...Literally

Find out the show's latest twist via a new promo!

There's a first time for everything -- and the upcoming season of Catfish will prove it.

In a brand-new promo for the show, which returns to MTV on June 12, an intriguing revelation is made: The imminent episodes will feature "Catfish firsts." Like what, you ask?

"The catfish sent you the real guy's Facebook page," Nev tells one love hopeful before saying in exasperation, "Come on!"

But that's not all. What else will happen this season that causes Nev to say, "I've never seen a catfish do this!" And why is guest sleuth Kamie Crawford literally gasping out loud? Watch the clip to find out, then get ready for the new season of Catfish, debuting Wednesday, June 12 at 8/7c.