(Natt Lim/Getty Images for Coachella)

Blackpink Take Corden By Storm With Glitzy 'Kill This Love' Performance

They also show how tough they are in the face of flying fruits

Blackpink brought some fresh energy to The Late Late Show With James Corden when they were the guests last night (April 18). Their hazy, sexual energy was on full display when they performed "Kill This Love" from their new EP of the same name. They also played a hilarious game that tested their steely mettle.

Blackpink hit the stage in blinding red lights and distressed looks on their face.  It's a look of raw sexuality, this seriousness, that gave them a larger-than-life appearance. They broke into a synchronized array of arm movements before performing fiercely to rapidly moving lights, the pink of their name being the most prominent. They were masterful with their stage presence and it ended with their backs to the audience with the crowd roaring.

The group also played "Flinch" with host James Corden. Standing behind a clear wall, their bravery was tested by fruit fired at them. Would they move or flinch? They smiled fiercely and moved subtly. It turns out, they aren't completely invincible. But then again, we all would have moved.

Blackpink released the Kill This Love EP earlier this month. They're currently between sets at Coachella. You'll want to see this mystifying collective live to get the full experience.