(YouTube/Tierra Whack)

Tierra Whack Is A Slayer Of Potatoes In 'Unemployed' Video

She feeds chopped potatoes to... potatoes.

Tierra Whack's videos have often had a modicum of sanity tying down their absurd concepts to the Earth, but it looks like "Unemployed" finally pushes the burgeoning rapper into Edgar Allen Poe levels of absurdity. (Idea for later: Whack reenacts Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" for the video for "Only Child"). In her latest visual, Whack terrorizes potatoes, cooks potatoes, and feeds potatoes to... potatoes. I told you.

Here, Whack's in the kitchen with a sharp knife, slicing and dicing russet potatoes with a mischievous grin on her face. Slice. A diced potato. Slice. Cut into four strips. Slice. Cut into steak fries. While she eviscerates these brown ovals, one of them watches her from a nearby pile with wide, horrified eyes. It knows that pretty soon, it will be cut into perfectly symmetrical pieces. Whack's eyes hold a glint of murderous red. She's ready to pounce. Slice.

When she's done, she carries the potatoes – after they've been deep fried a golden brown – to a table where she feeds her patron: yet another potato, only this one's large and grotesque. As the potato feasts, Whack's hips widen. It's an unsettling array of images that make little sense the more that you look at them. But Whack's power comes in giving shape to the random and unconnected. She succeeds here.

"Unemployed" was the last track of #WhackHistoryMonth that wrapped up in March. The other tracks released from it were "Only Child, "CLONES," "Gloria," and "Wasteland."

Check out this strangely artsy video up above.