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Zac Efron’s New YouTube Vlog Channel Has More Subscribers Than Yours

Glamping with Zac

Celebrities are turning to YouTube to sate their appetite for vlogging, and Zac Efron is the latest to take the plunge.

The Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile star posted his first video to the streaming platform, where he goes "Off the Grid" while on an adventure with his brother Dylan and a group of friends.

The adventure begins with Zac sitting by a campfire, talking about how getting out in the wild and stepping out of your comfort zone "helps you grow." Then, it's off to Arizona's Lake Mohave, where Efron and brother Dylan feed the fish despite all the signs posted telling people not to do so.

The goal? Spending 96 hours in the desert in an effort to "unplug" from society, hence the video series title, "Off the Grid." It looks like the brothers and friends accomplished just that, taking on some pretty exciting outdoors activities like hiking, flyboarding, and cooking up a delicious outdoor meal. It's basically Zac Efron's version of clamping, pretty much, and it's predictably entertaining.

Efron’s YouTube channel will run the gamut from “sneak peeks” into the actor’s life, insight into his thoughts on nutrition, and various other topics. The channel's only been up for a couple of days as of Monday (April 1) and has already courted over 200,000 subscribers.

Before dropping his first video, Efron hyped fans up by taking to Twitter with an announcement and short Q&A session with fans about his new endeavor.

"This trip was all about getting outdoors and spending time with friends and family," he wrote.

As far as the answer to "Why YouTube?" goes, both Will Smith and Jack Black have their own channels, and this whole A-listers adopting their own personal channels seems to be becoming a thing. Either way, we're down to go on whatever adventures Zac has in mind.

It's not clear if "Off the Grid" will be just one recurring video series on the channel or not, but it's certainly made a splash as our first taste of Zac's unique brand of vlogging. Casey Neistat who?