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Jared Leto Teases Spider-Man Spin-off Morbius With First Set Photo

Just 'leto' him suck your blood

Jared Leto took to Twitter with the first on-set photo from his upcoming Spider-Man spin-off Morbius, and it's only a small taste of what's to come.

The sneak peek is certainly not much when it comes to satisfying our insatiable bloodlust for learning more about Leto's role and the movie itself, but it's still a tasty little morsel.

In the snapshot, Leto is pictured looking particularly lifeless behind a clapboard, presumably about to shoot some scenes for the film with several weeks of shooting left.

"1 week down... 11 to go..." the actor captioned the tweet. "Get ready.

Leto is set to play the titular vampire in the upcoming flick, who's not your typical bloodsucker. Dr. Michael Morbius was actually a respected biochemist in his field who suffered from a rare blood disease. Desperate to find a cure for his malady, he ended up running experiments on himself involved with vampire bat DNA. Instead of curing his disease, he ended up transforming himself into some kind of "living vampire."

There wasn't any sort of bad actor that bit Morbius or wished to make him part of the undead — he simply began suffering from the same symptoms a "regular" vampire might, with an unquenchable thirst for human blood that forces him to live segregated from the rest of humanity. He also has superhuman strength and speed, a limited ability to fly, and a healing factor that ensures bullets and other potentially fatal wounds hardly faze him. Unfortunately, he much also avoid sunlight, like his other vampire brethren, lest he risk burning up. As far as garlic, holy water, crosses, or the other ailments that plague his kind, he appears to be exempt.

But this curse doesn't immediately transform him into some sort of villain, as you might think. Instead, he uses his knowledge and newly-acquired vampiric abilities as a force of good, working alongside Spider-Man and other heroes in the Marvel universe from time to time. That's why Morbius is considered a Spider-Man spinoff in the first place.

Marvel Comics

Other than the source material, we know very little about the new movie, which is set to become the second film in Sony's Marvel Universe, running alongside the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Morbius has yet to appear in a Spider-Man movie just yet, with Leto giving him his inaugural film appearance.

Daniel Espinosa is set to direct, with the 11th Doctor himself Matt Smith set to join the film in an unknown role. Jared Harris has been cast as Morbius's "mentor," though there aren't any specifics on which character from the Morbius continuity this may be. True Detective's Adria Arjona will be playing Martine Bancroft, the vampire's love interest, and Tyrese Gibson has reportedly signed on to as well as an FBI agent.

Leto could have more time on his hands lately to focus on Morbius too, if it is indeed true that his standalone Joker flick was reportedly put on hold by Warner Bros. With the new James Gunn-directed Suicide Squad movie being marketed as more of a "relaunch" than a sequel, with a potential new set of villains, the Joker's role may very well be too diminished to make sense for a spinoff movie to coexist alongside it. That, and it looks like Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn has kicked the Clown Prince of Crime to the curb in the upcoming Birds of Prey (And the Fabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn).

Hopefully there are plenty more sneak peeks to come. We're really wondering if Leto is going to rock the vampire bat look like Morbius does in his comic appearances.