Young And Pregnant Parting: Will Lexi Continue To See Less Of Her Family?

She has a brand-new job that keeps her busy -- and is spending much more time with Kyler

Lexi and Kyler may have put a temporary hold on their plans to move from Colorado to Arizona, but their living situation on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant is still pretty complicated.

On tonight's episode, Lexi started a full-time job at a physical therapy center while Kyler will be staying home with Tobias. Their new schedules meant that Lexi and the baby were spending more nights at Kyler’s house and thus less time at her parents’, an arrangement that didn't exactly please her mom Amber.

“I haven’t seen you or baby, and I don’t want that to continue,” she said. “Family means a lot to me, so if there’s a time to have dinner together, get everything good again, I would appreciate that. I don’t want to have anyone feel uncomfortable around us or with us.”

Amber and her husband Brandon also worried that this new living arrangement would cause an even bigger divide in the family dynamic, especially since Kyler essentially told them previously that he didn’t want to see them (or any family member) every day.

Lexi told her mom she felt torn between the two and wanted everyone to have equal time with Tobias, but will she choose sides? Or will she make an effort to see Amber and Brandon, even though she’s working and with Kyler more these days? Tell us your predictions, then keep watching Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Mondays at 10/9c.