Cold Feet: Chance The Rapper Says He May Not Want To Get Married

The 'No Brainer' hitmaker has wedding jitters -- on a special episode of 'Wild 'N Out'

As the old saying goes, "Don't hate the player, hate the game."

After all, Chance the Rapper -- aka Nick Cannon's nemesis on tonight's Wild 'N Out special -- pretty much had to take part in the show's "Vowing Out," a competition that entailed him wooing a "WNO bride."

"Each team member is going to get the opportunity not just to holler at her, not just to break up with her, but to propose, to marry, to put a ring on it," Nick explains in the sneak peek, below. The only caveat: They have to be funny AF as they do it, or they lose the game.

So Chance decides to be a team player and go for it. But that doesn't mean he's going to be a playa.

"I am ready [for marriage], and I think I want to do it," he tells his bride-to-be. "But..."

But what? Find out why Chance won't pop the question (spoiler alert right here) and -- even better -- to hear his subtle diss at Kanye West (#burn). Then see the entire episode -- aka "Chance vs. Cannon" -- tonight at 10/9c.