Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation + Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for NARAS

Diddy Is Dancing To Migos All The Way To The Super Bowl

Looks like somebody can't get 'Stir Fry' out of his head

We know this much is true: Diddy loves fun, Diddy loves parties, and Diddy loves to dance.

He was beside himself over DJ Khaled's quick-footedness at Jay-Z's Roc Nation pre-Grammy brunch last week, and now he's bustin' a move of his own en route to Minneapolis for the Super Bowl courtesy of a soundtrack supplied by Migos.

Thanks to the infectious beat of "Stir Fry," Diddy had ideal background noise for his pre-Super Bowl warm-up, which was more or less a very fancy walk from his car to his jet.

He didn't get his Crouching Tiger, Hidden Migos vibe on or anything (though it would've been appropriate for him to imitate the kung fu-inspired action from the song's video), but he did succeed in giving parents everywhere the motivation to hit the dance floor at the next formal family function should the DJ play the Culture II track.

Migos are in Minneapolis — they played a Tidal party on Friday (February 2) — so here's hoping they get to dance to "Stir Fry" together at some point.