Zayn's 'Dusk Till Dawn' High Notes Are Making Fans Giggle And Heave

The reaction video crowd has officially taken notice

When Zayn and Sia released their "Dusk Till Dawn" collaboration last week, there's one particular moment that gave fans goosebumps. At the climax of the song, Zayn slips out his signature high-range belt, and just when you think his voice couldn't get any higher, he takes his voice a few steps up.

The reaction-video crowd were all over that fiery moment, and if you didn't feel your heart beating faster when you heard the original song, you'll get a goofy gut feeling seeing other people's genuine reactions to the high note.

YouTube user Favourite Lyrics compiled a video of the Zquad unleashing their emotions. Zayn himself saw the video, and retweeted it earlier Monday morning.

My favorite person is the guy who giggles from pure joy at the end.

Of course, if you're a fan of the "Dusk Till Dawn" vocal work, then you might want to revisit the moody "It's You" or the One Direction classic "You & I," which will forever live in Directioners' dreams.