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Dunkirk Sails To A Box Office Victory Over Valerian

The film debut of Harry Styles is officially a smash

It turns out that plenty of people are interested in watching Harry Styles fight for his life in a World War II drama while munching on some jam-slathered toast, because Dunkirk is indisputably the champion of the box office for its first weekend out in theaters.

The initial predictions for Dunkirk's opening draw were modest — estimates maxed out at $40 million — but Christopher Nolan's latest directorial effort surpassed that by a wide margin thanks to the $50.5 million it's projected to make by the time the clock strikes midnight on Sunday. When compared to Saving Private Ryan, the highest-earning World War II feature film of all time, Dunkirk came close to matching it when inflation was taken into account: The Hollywood Reporter points out that Saving Private Ryan's $31 million opening inflates to a little over $57 million today, which makes Dunkirk a film that's already in step with the leader in its class.

Shot on IMAX 70mm film, Dunkirk also got a major bump thanks to special screenings in those fancy-schmancy theaters that you never, ever want to wind up in the front row of with $11.7 million coming from IMAX screenings alone. (Here's a good explainer as to why you should make the effort to see Dunkirk in this particular format.)

So while Styles has cause to celebrate due to his side hustle triumphs, Rihanna, sadly, isn't so lucky: Her movie, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, came in fifth at the box office, behind Dunkirk, riotous, raunchy comedy Girls Trip, and Spider-Man: Homecoming and War for the Planet of the Apes, which were already playing in theaters.

If you haven't seen Dunkirk yet, maybe rethink that — especially if you're curious as to how Styles holds his own with the likes of Academy Award winners onscreen and off.