Is Mikameron's Relationship Disintegrating On Are You The One: Second Chances?

From the looks of it, Cameron and his 'Blue Bear' could be on shaky ground

The honeymoon phase of a relationship is just that — a phase. Once the rainbows and butterflies have faded, the hard work comes into play, which is where Cameron and Mikala find themselves on Are You The One: Second Chances.

Nearly a year into their relationship, the Season 4 alums are learning more and more about each other every day. As the earliest confirmed perfect match in the series' history, not to mention the only true couple in the Second Chances abode, Mikameron appear rock solid. As Mik confessed, "My relationship with Cameron is the most important thing to keep while I'm here in this house. It's really the only thing I care about."

But is Cameron equally committed? He once compared his beloved "Blue Bear" to a really good "burger and chocolate," but he appears to be seeing a different side of the girl he fell in love with back in Maui.

"I really liked Mikala when I met her because she was very positive," Cam admitted. "But we have not been put in a position like this, and now I'm seeing firsthand her being really negative."

While the Los Angeles-based lovebirds did finally place first this week, earning them a cool $20K and a night in the winners' suite, the duo is suddenly on shaky ground. Cameron even likened the competition to "a huge therapy session" and, to boot, they can't quite agree on how to spend their potential winnings. The Mississippi native wants a new car, while Mikala longs for a sibling named Honey Mustard Princess for their Bengal cat, Chicken Nugget.

So with all these hints of strife, we have to ask: Are we watching the demise of Mikameron's relationship as we write this? Compatibility scores aside, these two clearly aren't as strong as they seem.

Stay tuned to see how it all plays out with the two, and watch an all-new episode of Are You The One: Second Chances this Wednesday at 9/8c.