• Adam + ShanleyPerfect Match
    Adam + Shanley

    In the very first episode of Are You The One? Shanley was sent to the Truth Booth and found out that her crush was not her match. However, that didn’t stop Shanley and her “No Match” from maintaining a relationship that sent the rest of the AYTO house into chaos. At the same time, Adam was in the middle of his own on-again-off-again- crazy-again relationship. As a result, they were never on each other’s radar. Adam and Shanley don’t share a romantic spark but acknowledge that the matchmakers got something right because they are now best friends who chat at least once a week. Now these besties are ready to prove that their relationship might not be perfect - but they’re the ultimate Perfect Match.

  • Alicia + MikePerfect Match
    Alicia + Mike

    For Mike, falling for Alicia was easy but getting her attention was the hard part. Alicia navigated Are You The One? by following her heart but her heart didn’t get a chance to find its way to Mike. Instead, it got side tracked by one “No Match,” then another, then another. Now that Alicia and Mike know for certain that they are a Perfect Match, they’re getting a second chance to explore the relationship that they missed out on the first time around.

  • Asaf + KaylanPerfect Match
    Asaf + Kaylan

    For Asaf and Kaylan, Season 4 was defined by relationships with their mis-matches, Francesca and Gio. When Kaylan’s “No Match” relationship crashed and burned it sent shockwaves throughout the entire AYTO house. Asaf’s was all about his own “No Match” relationship until faced with having to choose strategy over love in the final Match Up Ceremony. When Asaf felt torn at the end, it was Kaylen’s insightful perspective that he turned to.Even though they never explored a romantic connection, the two recognize just how much they balance each other out. This is a chance for Kaylan and Asaf to see just how deep that connection goes.

  • Cameron + MikalaPerfect Match
    Cameron + Mikala

    The first confirmed Perfect Match of Are You The One? Season 4, Cameron and Mikala are living the AYTO dream. After their season, they moved in together, adopted a cat, and are living happily ever after. But having spent most of their Season 4 winnings to move Mikala across the country, happily ever after has come with a tight budget. Cameron’s hoping that this will be a second chance to earn some extra cash so he can finally treat Mikala to the things he thinks she deserves. For Mikala, it’s all about finding ways to grow as a couple and hopefully making their already strong connection stronger.

  • Carolina + HaydenPerfect Match
    Carolina + Hayden

    Although Hayden was fixated on his “No Match,” Carolina managed to capture Hayden’s attention. After being confirmed a Perfect Match, the Honeymoon Suite seemed like a great opportunity to solidify their relationship away from the distraction of their exes. Things were going well and they even got tattoos to commemorate the experience. But once the Are You The One? experience ended, Hayden went back to his old ways and back to his “No Match.” For Hayden, this is a chance to make sense of their relationship. For Carolina, it’s an opportunity to prove what they have, and possibly get it back.

  • Casandra + DerrickPerfect Match
    Casandra + Derrick

    Casandra threw her whole heart into the Are You The One? experience hoping to find love. Instead she found heartbreak after falling for her “No Match.” Distracted as she was, it didn’t make much difference because her Perfect Match was distracted by strategy. Rather than listening to his heart, Derrick tried to find love with his head. That didn’t work out so well and Season 5 became the first in Are You The One? history to not win $1,000,000. For Derrick and Casandra, this is their chance to get it right, win back some money, get to know each other, and maybe find a relationship with their Perfect Match.

  • Devin + RashidaPerfect Match
    Devin + Rashida

    Devin’s controversial relationship with his confirmed “No- Match,” turned the Season 3 house against him. His manipulative behavior in his relationships and the game earned him the nickname of “puppet master,” a title that he wears with pride. Even with all the ill will directed at him from the others, he found an unwavering ally in his Perfect Match, Rashida, and someone strong enough to keep him honest. After Are You The One? the two remain great friends who are even known to finish each other’s sentences. Now this power duo is looking to solidify their place as the king and queen of AYTO, and maybe take their relationship out of the friend-zone and into the romantic zone.

  • Ellie + NathanPerfect Match
    Ellie + Nathan

    Upon arriving in Puerto Rico, Nathan and Ellie had an instant connection and Ellie was crushing hard. Unfortunately, for Nathan it was more of a brother/sister thing and Ellie found herself sitting firmly in the friend- zone. Back home the two remained good friends until a confrontation made Ellie block Nathan on social media. For Nathan and Ellie, this is a chance to rehab their strong bond and see why they’re a Perfect Match.

  • Francesca + GioPerfect Match
    Francesca + Gio

    When Gio’s behavior on Season 4 marked him as the villain of the Are You The One? house, Francesca stood by his side as his only friend. The two ended up hooking up but nothing came of it because they were both distracted by their “No Matches.” After their season ended, Francesca tried to make things work with her “No Match” but distance proved to be too much. For Gio things turned from bad to worse. After getting rejected by his “No Match,” Gio was cast aside by Francesca, too. Now that things have ended with their “No Matches,” this may just be the opportunity that these Perfect Matches needed. But to do that, Gio will have to rebuild the bridges that he burned and Francesca will have to figure out what exactly went wrong between them.

  • Tori + MorganPerfect Match
    Tori + Morgan

    Season 4’s Ken and Barbie, Tori and Morgan didn’t need the Truth Booth to confirm their Perfect Match status, they just knew. After their season ended their relationship continued until it was met with an unexpected hurdle. Tori fell for and developed a relationship with Morgan’s roommate, Season 3 cast member, Mike. But Tori and Mike aren’t together anymore. Tori hopes to make amends with Morgan and maybe, just maybe, this will be the chance they needed to rekindle the love that they had.