'Salt' Premiere Finds Kristin Cavallari In Dress Seen Previously On Kim Cattrall And Rihanna

We might have questioned the "Hills" star Kristin Cavallari's fashion choices at last night's "Salt' premiere (much like Kristen Stewart's dress at last year's Teen Choice Awards, that number seriously looks like it could hurt someone!) had we not have immediately realized: we have seen this dress before!

Upon further investigation, it seems Kristin chose the very same look that Kim Catrall's Samantha wore during a nightclub scene in "Sex and the City 2." The Blonds dress in red was also favored by Rihanna last November when she donned it for her Rated R release party in NYC. One look worn by a reality star, an R&B diva and a sex fiend? Now that's what we call fashion forward.

So who wore it best? Take our poll after the jump!

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