Calvin Harris Cusses Out And Congratulates Ed Sheeran In A Single Sentence

An emotional rollercoaster in 140 characters or less

People can really go from loving to hating someone on in a matter of seconds, but Calvin Harris managed to bounce between emotions with a few words when Ed Sheeran's achievement unseated his own at the end of a triumphant week.

Sheeran — whose latest album, ÷, is dominating the U.K. charts following its March 3 release — just took a major title out of Harris's hands.

Previously, Harris held the distinction of having the most songs from the same album in the top ten slots on the Singles chart. Nine — NINE — of the top ten singles in the U.K. are ÷ tracks, which trounces Harris, who's held the title since 2013, by a substantial margin. Harris sent his congrats to Sheeran via Twitter and had a little fun with the "Shape of You" singer.

Haaaaaaa. Sheeran took the kind (really!) words in stride, and tweeted a heart at Harris in return.

All's well that ends well, and what's a casual "love you/fuck you" between mates, anyway?

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