Logic Thrills 'Fallon' And Gets Major Co-Sign From Ed Sheeran

Are you still sleeping on Logic?

Logic turned serious heads when he sold over 72,000 copies of his major label debut Under Pressure in its first week of release. It was an impressive showing for an MC who gets very little radio play and overall promotion. And on Wednesday, the Gaithersburg, Maryland spitter impressed again when he performed on "The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon."

Backed by his own DJ Rhetorik, producer 6ix and of course the Roots, Logic delivered "I'm Gone" for his first network television appearance, and surely earned himself new fans. Ed Sheeran is just one of the latest converts to the Ratt Pack.

Yesterday, a few hours before "Fallon" aired, Sheeran tweeted that he played Under Pressure four times in a row.

In October, MTV News traveled to Logic's hometown in Gaithersburg, Maryland and got a taste of the real life stories that helped the MC shape his album, which Ed loves so much. There was his father, who was once addicted to drugs and his mom who physically and mentally abused the rapper when he was a child. It was a lot to overcome for Logic.

“My music is 100 percent a form of therapy. It’s the only thing that allows me to say anything and everything that I want to say,” he explained to us. “Especially on the album. It wasn’t until the album that I truly mastered the art of therapy I guess, if that makes any sense.”

Watch Logic take us back to Maryland in the video below.