Kelly Clarkson And Tori Kelly Can’t Stop Fangirling Over Each Other

Kelly covered Tori's 'Nobody Love' and EVERYBODY will love it.

Real talk: singing live is really effin’ hard. Thankfully for our listening pleasure, however, there ARE plenty of female vocalists who somehow manage to make it look easy as pie.

One such pop star, Kelly Clarkson, accomplished exactly that when she tackled a song by one of her similarly talented-as-hell peers, up-and-comer Tori Kelly.

During the opening night of her Piece By Piece Tour in Hershey, Penn., Clarkson kicked off her plan to perform a cover song at each tour stop, starting with Tori’s breakthrough hit “Nobody Love.”

“I chose this song because I’m a huge fan of this artist,” Clarkson told the crowd. “Not many people can sing well live and this girl is nailing it. She’s new, her name is Tori Kelly, and she’s so good.”

Unsurprisingly, Clarkson then proceeds to absolutely crush it. Accompanied by a trio of soulful backup singers and an acoustic guitar, the “Heartbeat Song” singer nails the impressive vocal runs and finger-snapping breakdown — so much so, that Tori couldn’t help but tweet her excitement about it.

Clarkson responded by praising Tori again, saying she “can’t wait” to see one of her shows in person.

Sooo… does this adorable exchange mean a T. Kelly/Kelly C. duet could happen one day?! Just throwing that out there, ladies — make it happen!