Are You The One: Second Chances Opinion: Is Ellie On The Money About Nate?

The sassy Southerner didn't hold back after her PM fell for Carolina

Memo to you guys: Thinking with your you-know-what can only get you so far — both in matters of the heart and in competition. Just ask Nate, who was one-half of the latest casualty on Are You The One: Second Chances.

As his perfect match Ellie so eloquently pointed out, the sensitive Season 2 veteran is no stranger to leading with his loins. Says Ell, "As soon as a female bats their eyes at Nate, he is in love. Everyone in America knows."

And it's true -- we do know. As you might recall, Nate quickly fell hard for Season 2's resident heartbreaker Shelby, resulting in a slew of snot bubbles and tears after parting ways with the gorgeous blonde. He later found himself in familiar, flirtatious territory with his Rivals 3 partner Christina.

Fast forward to this week's Second Chances, and the tatted-up nice guy has become a repeat offender yet again, quickly falling for Season 5's Carolina.

Ellie maintained that Nate's newfound affection for the Brazilian bombshell contributed to his lack of focus during the caregiver mission, landing the friends in last place — and later, elimination from the game. Cue Ellie's unforgettable quip pre-departure: "Nate is wound up in vagina!" Not only that, the sassy Southerner claimed he's going for the wrong girl. (The fickle Carolina notoriously danced between Joey, Ozzy and Hayden during Season 5.)

Nate's defense? He dubbed Ellie a jealous, "raging, crazy country girl." Hey, now! Our Ellie may be a touch country, but she's not cray cray — she was merely channeling her inner Gloria Pritchett.

Now that the two have officially lost their shot at a Second Chance (and the green), two questions remain: Was Ellie speaking the truth about her friend? Or could Nate have a bona fide love connection with Carolina? Comment with #TeamEllie or #TeamNate, and catch an all-new episode this Wednesday at 9/8c!