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You Don't Have To 'Get Lucky' In Order To See Daft Punk's Pop-Up Shop

They're bringing their exclusive merch to you, sort of

Daft Punk know that getting to Los Angeles may be difficult for some of their fans, especially during the week of the Grammys, when driving down Sunset proves to be even more of a challenge thanks to the influx of parties and events that spring up before and after the awards show.

They clearly didn't want their non-Angeleno listeners to miss out, as they took it upon themselves to give a detailed tour of their pop-up shop to show how the store offers way more than merch.

The West Hollywood outpost is stocked with plenty of mugs, sweatshirts, and other gear that you can take home, but that's not all: It's also a Daft Punk exhibit in and of itself, as tons of photos, artwork, the translucent set of instruments from the "Get Lucky" video, and a couple of their outfits — including their Tron-inspired suits — are all on display.

Also hanging up in the pop-up shop is an "ALIVE 2007" poster, which is a casual reminder that the French electro-pop maestros are planning something big, and that we can expect to see a lot more of them in the coming months starting with their performance at the 2017 Grammy Awards with The Weeknd.

If you can get to the Daft Punk pop-up, do so before it closes on February 19. If not, just keep hitting refresh on this video until your FOMO wanes.

CORRECTION (2/11/17, 5:40 p.m. EST): It was initially written that a poster featured in the Daft Punk pop-up shop read "ALIVE 2017." The text says "ALIVE 2007," and the correction has been made.