Lindsay Lohan Is Really Trying To Make Mean Girls 2 Happen

‘I will keep forcing it’

Like Gretchen Wieners desperately clinging to “fetch,” Lindsay Lohan is hell-bent on making Mean Girls 2 happen. (Yes, we’re politely ignoring the 2011 made-for-TV movie of the same name that included none of the original cast and that nobody ever watched.)

During a Facebook Live interview conducted by CNN on Thursday (December 29), LiLo said she's ready and waiting for a sequel to the ’04 hit — so much so that she's taking matters into her own hands.

“I have been trying so hard to do a Mean Girls 2,” she said. “I know [screenwriter] Tina Fey and [producer] Lorne Michaels and all of Paramount are very busy. But I will keep forcing it and pushing it on them until we do it.”

Lohan even has some casting suggestions, starting with Jimmy Fallon and her former Freaky Friday co-star Jamie Lee Curtis. “I've already written a treatment for it, so I just need a response,” she said, with only a tinge of desperation in her voice.

Two years ago, Lohan told Time Out London her idea for a Mean Girls sequel, saying, “I was with Tina Fey the other day and I said we should do another Mean Girls, like an older version where they’re all housewives and they’re all cheating. That would be really funny. I’ll harass Tina to write it.”

Harass away, LiLo — seeing the Plastics on the big screen again would be the groolest.