Paul Morigi/Getty Images

Kelly Clarkson Will Take Your Tears In Exchange For This Stunning Hamilton Cover


The Hamilton Mixtape is chock full of huge voices, but Kelly Clarkson's cover of "It's Quiet Uptown" stands out as a heart-wrenching moment on the reimagining of the music from the Broadway smash.

While Sia and Miguel lend their pop pipes to more upbeat tracks like "Satisfied," Clarkson is on tearjerker duty with the second-act ballad, and she just nailed an absolutely stunning, stripped-down live version of the track.

In this session from the Honda iHeartRadio stage, there's little more than a piano, a bunch of lights worthy of a Pinterest board, and Clarkson's incredible voice. And given the emotional quality of the song, it really doesn't need much more for maximum impact.

The Hamilton Mixtape is available now. Given that it's the holidays and everything, we'd strongly recommend listening to Clarkson's version of "It's Quiet Uptown" in particular if you want to burrow into a case of the feelings until spring.