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Kylie Jenner's New Lip Kit Color Was Inspired By Her Ferrari


Whether or not you have July 4th plans yet, one thing is for sure — Kylie Jenner is gonna make sure your lips look as festive as ever. Fresh on the heels of her multiple black lipstick drop, Kylie announced she's releasing not one, but two blue shades for the 4th.

There's the very patriotic Freedom, a navy blue shade that will pair well with whatever Americana garb you decide to break out to watch fireworks.

There's also Skylie, a lighter blue, which is not as overtly American in color or name, but definitely is in inspiration. You see, Skylie was inspired by Kylie's blue Ferrari.

Honestly, what could be more American than an 18-year-old millionaire citing one of her numerous cars as the inspiration for her new lipstick? It also appears that Kylie, like a 2016 Yves Klein, is referring to this shade as #KylieBlue, which, LBR, is probably trademarked already.

Freedom and Skylie will be dropping on Friday, though details, as always, are limited. Keep your eyes peeled and fingers ready.