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Kylie Jenner's New Lip Kit Shade Is Black, Sparkly, And Has A Release Date


These days, Kylie Jenner announces a new Lip Kit color or release so often that it's hard to keep up (😈!!!) with the latest news. At the end of May, she revealed she'd soon be releasing Majesty, a new black, metallic shade. Two weeks later, she decided to drop her second black shade, Dead of Knight, before the first.

Now that Dead of Knight has been out in the world for less than a week, she's turning her attention back to Majesty.

Yesterday, Kylie released some new promotional images starring herself — I mean, who else? — wearing the new shade and a corset. Nothing moves lip gloss quite like corsets, you know?

The new shade, it seems, will be released on Thursday (June 16, for those who prefer actual dates). You should probably start practicing whipping your credit card out as quickly as possible since, well, these things tend to sell out in seconds.