Rivals Dissension: Can Camila And Tony Last On The Challenge?

The two have physical promise but can’t stop fighting

“Laps of Judgment” proved to be a potent remedy for Bananas and Sarah, who finally buried the hatchet after winning the Rivals III mission. But on the other hand, it might have amounted to be the beginning of the end for Tony and Camila.

The two loose cannons, who have been particularly hostile toward each other through most of this Challenge season, wound up with a one-way ticket to The Jungle last week after TJ confirmed cameras caught them sabotaging Nate and Christina’s performance by hiding one of the Are You The One? team’s tokens. And though Thomas and Simone’s quitting eventually spared Tony and Camila from elimination, the pair continued to exchange friendly fire through tonight’s episode.

“With you, I feel like I’m trying to compete mentally,” Tony said at the bar. “You don’t have that respect for me.”

“Tony, all I’ve seen from you is you blowing up and acting crazy, so I was worried about you,” Camila contested.

After a few more drinks and a collective cast trip home, the skirmish escalated into something scary that found Tony slamming his fists into counters, breaking kitchen equipment and hurling slurs at Camila.

“Camila and Tony are almost too much alike,” Wes observed. “They’re really emotional, and it’s a scary duo for them to be together so often.”

The argument would soon prove to be the least of Camila’s worries, though, as the night after the argument, she got word that her grandmother had died. Camila instantly broke down into tears.

“I definitely get my toughness from my grandma,” Camila shared. “Always funny, always sarcastic. It’s not gonna be the same anymore.”

Since Camila couldn’t logistically get home in time for the funeral, she decided to tough it out and fight through Rivals in memory of her beloved family member. And in “Road to Nowhere,” she did precisely that, putting up a strong showing with Tony. The duo just barely missed a first-place finish.

“I’m feeling a lot better,” Camila said. But was the small bit of solidarity too little too late?

What do you think: Will Camila and Tony be able to work out their differences and reach their true potential? Or have they proven they’re already too dysfunctional to last, and are their days on Rivals numbered? Share your thoughts, and be sure to check out a brand-new episode next Wednesday at 10/9c!