• Ashley and Cory
    Ashley and Cory

    Cory was the pivotal vote in a decision to kick Ashley out of the Real World: Explosion house and now, they’re partners! Cory has no reason to believe that her state of mind has improved, “Ashley looks like she’s in great shape, but mentally is Ashley ready to handle this Challenge? All Hell is gonna break lose.” Ashley admits, “I was not in a very good place but kind of turned over a new leaf since then. Am I crazy? Probably, yeah. I think we’re all crazy!” Ashley has no intention of getting sent home early, and a steamy hookup with a brawny Challenge vet shows everybody that she has nothing to hide! As for smooth-talking Cory, he sets his eyes on a doe-eyed rookie of his own. Will these ex-roommates be able to balance their romances for long enough to walk away victorious? Or will their fiery personalities combust like the last time they worked together?

  • Averey and Leroy
    Averey and Leroy

    Loyal Leroy is a firm subscriber to the timeless adage, “Bros before Hoes.” So on Battle of the Exes 2, when Leroy’s buddy Johnny claimed that Averey had cheated on him, Leroy was quick to defend his boy, despite Averey adamantly denying the claim. Leroy explains it best, “She cheated on Johnny in the past and Johnny's my boy. And so I just wasn't taking her word for it.” However, Leroy’s assertions left Averey fuming, “Yeah, I don’t get along with one of your boys because we’re exes, but you don’t even know me. You didn’t give me a chance!” Leroy’s perception of Avery was harshly tainted from the jump, but now they’re stuck with each other. Can these two let sleeping dogs lie, or will past mistakes continue to haunt their relationship?

  • Briana and Brandon
    Briana and Brandon

    Blunt Briana hated hardheaded Brandon from the start of their season on Are You The One, taking issue with his cockiness and arrogance. His pompous behavior was such a turnoff that Briana still cannot understand how Brandon was her perfect match, “I am appalled. Everything that he is, I hate. He is selfish, he is greedy, he thinks he knows everything! We’re just going to clash so hard.” Has he changed? Brandon speaks best for himself, “I can read people very easily. I’ve also watched the show in the past, so I know these people better than they think that I know them. I am the biggest competitor in this house!” Brandon thinks his fanboy knowledge will help them, but will Briana be able to put up with him when his emotional tendencies start to eclipse his bravado?

  • Camila and Tony
    Camila and Tony

    Hot-tempered Camila got into an intense shouting match with lightning rod Tony on Battle of the Bloodlines. Now that they’re paired up, Camila is blown away by Tony’s boyish naivety and arrogance, seething, “I’m stuck with that douchebag? He’s just such a big child.” Putting gunpowder and dynamite on the same team is a dangerous proposition, and Tony worries, “I’m going to have to walk on eggshells! She’s so emotionally unstable and can be so mean. I have to keep it in check, but I still have to be myself.” Fireworks will be launched one way or the other, but can their outbursts be channeled back into the competition? Or is this team destined to implode in fiery fashion? Either way, look for both of these fighters to tame their combative tendencies with some shocking house hookups.

  • Cheyenne and Devin
    Cheyenne and Devin

    Devin rubbed everybody the wrong way on Are You The One by flaunting a downright disrespectful attitude towards women, and Cheyenne was the loudest voice against him. Did Devin learn his lesson? Cheyenne sure hopes so, “We’re definitely opposites. In this house, I feel like a lot of attention is bad, so I just want to stay under the radar. Devin just wants to fly right above it!” Shockingly, it is Cheyenne that immediately becomes embroiled in steamy flirtations with a high-profile veteran. With his teammate distracted by romance, Devin unleashes a master plan to take over the entire game! Will these rookies prove that they have the competitive fire to last? Or will their magnetic attraction to drama brand them with targets on their backs?

  • Christina and Nate
    Christina and Nate

    Tatted-but-sensitive Nate wore his heart on his sleeve during Are You The One. However, when he found out that Christina was just stringing him along for the game, he spiralled into a dark and vengeful fit of tears. This season, Christina hopes that Nate can keep it together long enough to compete, “One thing about Nate that drives me crazy is that he can get very emotional and I don’t want to have to deal with that negativity.” However, Nate’s feelings haven’t healed, “Christina definitely played me. It was an emotional thing. How can you trust somebody who basically fakes something for a week with you? I have no trust for her.” Will Nate let his heartstrings get played with again when he starts falling for a sexy veteran? And will Christina have the energy to pick Nate back up if his sensitivity gets the best of him?

  • Jenna and Vince
    Jenna and Vince

    Challenge princess Jenna isn’t known to start drama, but everything about buff badboy Vince’s demeanor drove her absolutely crazy on Battle of the Bloodlines. She explains it best, “I can’t even stand to be in a room with Vince. He’s always just creeping on me and being all weird and thinking he’s tough shit because he is Bananas’ cousin. God, corny!” Vince, on the other hand, has no idea why Jenna dislikes him, offering, “Maybe she thinks I’m a dick. She’s like a little princess, like a schoolgirl running around on a playground, just not having a care in the world.” Jenna is used to being underestimated for her ditziness, and Vince has a lot to prove after a disappointing performance last season. Can these two come together to prove all of the haters wrong, once and for all?

  • Jessica and Johnny
    Jessica and Johnny

    Childish name-calling and screaming dominated Johnny and Jessica’s relationship on the Real World: Portland. In fact, Southern belle Jessica is still emotionally scarred from Johnny fat-shaming her repeatedly, revealing, “I was devastated. I don’t understand how you can fit that much dick into one personality.” Try as he might, Johnny just can’t come up with any compliments to describe his new partner, “Plain and simple, everything she does aggravates me. Her voice from across the room pierces my eardrums.” If Johnny had his way, he would never speak to Jessica again, but she sees friendship as necessary to their team success. Will the brutally honest Johnny be able to fake-play-nice and convince his partner that he respects her as a competitor? Or will this pair fall apart and resort back to the ugly name-calling of their past?

  • KellyAnne and Jamie
    KellyAnne and Jamie

    Jamie waltzed into the Challenge house on a high fresh off of his win on Battle of the Bloodlines, but his smile quickly vanished when he was partnered with outspoken KellyAnne. The two hotheads infamously erupted at each other last season, and both players uttered words that can never be taken back. Jamie pouts, “Now I have to do this with some girl who I personally think belonged in a mental hospital.” Once you stir KellyAnne up, she stays hot, “He’s disgusting. He’s a pig. We don’t see eye to eye.” Can these two put the fireworks on hold and focus on the game? Or is it just a matter of time before these ticking bombs explode?

  • Nany and Wes
    Nany and Wes

    Calculating political mastermind Wes has always been on the opposite side of the battlefield from the explosive and emotional Nany. Wes explains, “We have programmed ourselves to work against each other. When we see each other, we still see enemies.” Whether it was due to alliances or old romances, these two have never seen eye to eye! Nany worries about Wes’s control freak nature, “Wes needs to understand that I’m not gonna just roll over. He thinks he’s like the Godfather of the Challenge.” Can these two longtime enemies bury the hatchet and move on from all of the past badmouthing? Don’t count on it…

  • Nicole and Dario
    Nicole and Dario

    Dario ruffled a lot of feathers when he first appeared on Battle of the Bloodlines, and the Boston beefcake’s biggest hater was the meticulously made-up Nicole. Dario made it no secret that he was coming for Nicole and her cousin Nany last season, and that hatred is still burning strong, “The worst thing about being paired up with Nicole is all the makeup I’m gonna have to wash off when I say hi to her. And she just talks and talks and talks. Even when she’s not talking, I tell her to stop talking!” When she isn’t working on her brows or gossiping with her cousin, Nicole is usually trying to cut down Dario’s arrogance, “He thinks that he’s above everybody else. He thinks he’s like the strongest person ever in life, and I’m not going to just be quiet!” Dario wants to play a quieter game this season, but will that be possible now that he’s paired with outspoken Nicole? And when Nicole finds herself falling head over heels for a hunky rookie, will Dario be able to keep her focused?

  • Sarah and Bananas
    Sarah and Bananas

    Bananas wounds are still fresh from the vicious backstabbing he received at the hands of America’s favorite optimist, Sarah, on Battle of the Exes II. The Queen of Enthusiasm is back and looking to re-claim her Challenge crown, but knows it won’t be easy with a salty and scorned partner. She reflects, “I’m not working with a man. I’m working with a little boy and the little boy is having a temper tantrum! In order for Bananas to win, he’s gotta let everything go.” Once you’ve peeled a banana, though, you can’t just put it back together! Bananas laments, “There’s no way that I’m gonna be able to forgive her.” Will Sarah be content letting Bananas make team decisions when she just proved how devastatingly successful her methods can be? And can Bananas patch up his tattered ego in time to get his head in the game?

  • Simone and Thomas
    Simone and Thomas

    Thomas found out the hard way that Simone is not a diva to be trifled with on Battle of the Exes II when she unloaded fourteen full drinks in his face just for telling her to mind her own business. Simone recalls it fondly, “Me and him had a heated argument that made me throw fourteen drinks on him in seven seconds flat. I’m trying to work on this Zen thing that I’m doing now, but I can barely stand looking at Tom, okay?” Thomas explains her melodrama cynically, “She’s gonna scream; she’s gonna be loud and obnoxious and throw things at people for no reason. All she wants is attention.” Thomas’s worst nightmare comes true when Simone proves to be even more outrageous than he thought possible. However, her confrontational nature may be contagious, as Thomas soon finds himself going toe-to-toe with one of the most formidable competitors in the house. All of this drama is compounded when one of the most unique injuries in Challenge history threatens to remove this team from the game… These two certainly have their work cut out for them!