BTS Of The Shannara Chronicles: Here's How The Reaper Met His Maker

Plus: Find out when the show's first season is finally being released on DVD

Going through withdrawal from a lack of The Shannara Chronicles? Here's your fix: Not only is the very first season of MTV's fantasy show being released on DVD, but we've got a behind-the-scenes clip featuring one of the series' most storied scenes.

You can thank us later.

First up, those DVD deets: The four-disc set -- which will include all 10 episodes from the inaugural season, BTS footage and a slew of special features including "Meet the Characters" (awesome) and "Making of the Dagda Mor" (more awesome) -- will be available for purchase on June 7.

Second, that exclusive clip: 'Member when half-man, half-elf, total hunk Wil and that sneaky Cephalo faced The Reaper? Sure you do -- it was the very same episode when The Changeling, posing as Prince Arion thanks to its morphing abilities, killed King Eventine. Ahh, the nostalgia (and a few tears -- we LOVED King Eventine). Well, now you can see exactly how Wil and Eretria's wayward dad (aka Austin Butler and James Remar) filmed the scene in which they lured The Reaper through a toxic dump -- and made sure he met his maker.


Check out the clip, keep an eye out for the DVD set and stay with MTV News for more on the upcoming second season of The Shannara Chronicles!