'The Shannara Chronicles': 5 Reasons Eretria's Father Is The Ultimate Bad Guy

It's official: Cephelo is as evil as those demons.

Father's Day isn't for another five months, but we already know what "The Shannara Chronicles"'s Eretria will be getting her dear ol' dad: a whole bunch of nothing.

On this week's episode of the new MTV fantasy series, the sexy rover's parent hurled insults, lied and schemed and even got viciously violent. With all that in mind -- and more -- here are the top five reasons Cephelo is the ultimate bad guy:

  1. He's the king of the back-handed compliment.

    When the patriarch discovered that Eretria had tied Wil to a tree at the rover base, he apologized for his daughter's actions -- then praised and belittled her all in one shot. "Forgive my daughter," he said. "Her brain is no match for her beauty." And she was standing right there.

  2. He's only after one thing.

    In an attempt to lure Wil into his band of rovers, Cephelo offered some good old-fashioned mind games charm. "I know it's been hard for you, Wil -- too human for the elves, too elven for the humans," he said. "But here you'd be accepted. We're a family." Too bad he only wants the family jewels -- aka Wil's magic elf stones.

  3. His mean streak is a mile long.

    Cephelo finally appeared to have a heart when his offspring was in danger: He literally dropped to his knees after Amberle held a knife to Eretria's throat and threatened to kill her. "Please don't," he cried, burying his face in his hands and crumbling into what sounded like a fit of sobs. But oh wait, he was actually laughing -- and quickly sprang to his feet to show he was just joshing. Sarcasm much?

  4. He doesn't hold up his end of a bargain.

    Father/daughter had made a deal and even hand-shook on it: If Eretria delivered Wil to Cephelo, Pops would let his little girl leave the rover pack. But even though she came through, he waffled after Wil killed that demon and escaped to safety thanks to Allanon. "I have neither the stones nor the boy," he said, denying Eretria her freedom. Maybe she should have made him pinky-swear?

  5. Family means NOTHING to him.

    When Cephelo realized that Amberle was a princess -- and Eretria hadn't told him -- he blew his stack. "Lie to me again, and I'll kill you," he said because, you know, threatening your own daughter's life is such great parenting.

Tell us: Do you totally hate dislike Cephelo as much as we do? And do you think Eretria will find a way to free herself from him? Sound off in the comments, and catch "The Shannara Chronicles" Tuesday at 10/9c --or, if you just can't wait for more, you can view the show's first four episodes on MTV.com or the MTV app!