Scream Season Premiere: A Major Character Just Became The New Killer's Very First Victim

And man, did it look painful

The bloodshed has begun.

The long-awaited second season of MTV's Scream kicked off tonight in traditionally gory fashion, with a major character being slaughtered by an all-new masked psychopath. So who got the ax (kind of literally)? Before we spill the blood beans (SPOILER AHEAD!), let's play catch-up with the residents of Lakewood...

As the episode unfolded, last season's long-suffering (but ultimately invincible) heroine Emma had just returned home from in-patient therapy, where she'd dealt with her "issues" (aka having her half-sister show up and kill like nine people). Her romance with Kieran? That had fizzled while she was away -- and continued to struggle after a super-awkward reunion-sleepover (it's never a good sign when the dude ends up on the couch.)

Noah, meanwhile, was still obsessed with all things murderous -- in fact, he'd assumed the not-so-dearly departed Piper's "Autopsy Of A Crime" podcast and retitled it "The Morgue." Hey bro, maybe it's time to take up collecting stamps?

A couple of new kids made their debut: Zoe, a super-smart student, and Stavo, the macabre son of the town's new sheriff. Anyone else get the creeps when he sat in class making a digital illustration of Emma...covered in blood?

Next up: Audrey. After the "are you f*ing kidding me?" Season 1 finale, we all knew she had something to do with Piper's killing spree, and apparently, someone else does too: Ms. Jensen was getting menacing phone calls and texts (sound familiar?) taunting her about her secret. That's not all: The creeper even visited the movie theater where Audrey works and plastered a bathroom with copies of the letters she had exchanged with Piper. One word for you, honey: BUSTED.

And oh hey, what about everyone's favorite sexbomb Brooke? She'd begun an affair with Jake, but it didn't last: After an argument, the mayor's daughter called him a "dick" and announced that their relationship could never work.

But did that deter The Jake? Hell no: He soon embarked on a mysterious, night-time mission to prove Brooke was wrong. Bad move: He was captured by this season's brand-new killer, hung upside down and given a long, deadly slash with a giant sickle (seriously, that was a lot of blood). That's right -- good ol' Jake became this season's very first victim. And on a side note, damn, that must have hurt. Another side note: When we asked fans who they wanted to see slaughtered in Season 2 via a special poll, Jake came in second with 17% of the vote. So Jake haterz, we gotta ask: ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?

The episode ended with yet another nail-biter: When Emma decided to investigate the nightmares she'd been having since childhood, she wound up at -- wait for it -- a farm once owned by Brandon James' brother. There, Ms. Duval found a room decorated with pictures of her, along with newspaper clippings about the Lakewood murders. Disturbing, right? Not as disturbing as when that dark figure approached, causing Emma to -- you knew this was coming -- scream.

So tell us: Were you shocked that Jake was the first to go? And who do you think will be the killer's next victim? Tell us your theories, then be sure to watch an all-new Scream Monday at 11/10c!