'Elysium' and 'WALL-E' Are The Same Movie: Here's Proof

In case you haven't already noticed, Neil Blomkamp's upcoming sci-fi (dare we say dystopian?) actioner "Elysium" shares a few rather obvious plot commonalities with Disney-Pixar's near-wordless robot love story, "Wall-E." Basically, both feature a giant space station which houses pampered humans while the rest of the Earth is left to rot in squalor and wreckage and resourcelessness. Until one guy steps up and changes everything, of course, because Hollywood.

So it was only a matter of time, really, before some kind of mash-up came through, but we've gotta take our hats off to the evil geniuses at Funny or Die for making it happen by way of Matt Damon with a smidge of "Behind the Candelabra" action thrown in as a lil cherry on top. We did not see that coming.

Coupling some otherwise creepy-looking footage of Damon being transformed into some kind of android killing machine with the perky, bouncy intro voice over from "Wall-E," we get the story of a guy 700 years in the future who's on a mission to get up to that fancy space station whatever the cost (even if what it takes him getting a new "f***ing face").

Jodie FosterRob Lowe and a bunch of overweight falling cartoons cameo, but more importantly ...

The creatives behind the vid call it "Behind the Wall-Esium," which ... we've totally heard worse.

"Elysium," which does not come with adorable V.O. guy but does have plenty of Damon to go around (heads up, Benedict Cumberbatch!) hits theaters on Friday, Aug. 9.