'Hell Baby' Trailer: 'Reno 911' Dudes > 'Scary Movie' Dudes

The horrible box office performance of the last "Scary Movie" hopefully put the nail in the coffin of those terrible parodies. Although Marlon Wayans, who abandoned that franchise a while back, did have an $18 million debut with "A Haunted House." Nevertheless, lest we think the horror parody premise is dead, Rob Corddry arrives fresh from zombie-rom-com "Warm Bodies" in "Hell Baby," from the folks who brought us "Reno 911!." So we have somewhat heavenly hopes for this thing, especially based on this trailer.

Corddry's buddy Rob Huebel (both are known from "Children's Hospital" and "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart") is part of the ensemble along with Paul Scheer, no stranger to fun-filled horror thanks to "Piranha 3D," Keegan Michael Key (of "Key and Peele"), Michael Ian Black and Riki Lindhome. Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon, the writers behind "Night at the Museum" as well as "Reno," make their directorial debut.  They also star as a pair of exorcism experienced badasses dispatched by the Vatican.

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New Orleans, a haunted house, the title character, priests, a psychiatrist (super scary if you're L. Ron Hubbard!) and an unhelpful neighbor will hopefully amount to a bunch of scenes to make us laugh so hard we'll throw up pea soup.

Our buddy Drew McWeeny saw it at Sundance and declared it "gross, dumb, crass and wildly funny" in his review for Hitfix.

"Hell Baby" hits iTunes/VOD on July 25 followed by a theatrical release September 6.