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What Happens When You Pour Molten Copper On A Big Mac?

Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed... YIKES

The Internet allows the bizarre to flourish and take on a life of its own, and when that happens, we the viewers get to see some weird, wild, and totally interesting stuff.

Take this peculiar approach to the classic "what happens when you mix two things together?" experiment.

YouTube channel Tito4re is utterly devoted to copper. So much that their channel is comprised solely of pouring the liquid metal on items as disparate as coconuts, dry ice, glass, and popcorn.

"My videos are mostly about melting copper and pouring it on random things," Tito4re states. "If you like seeing things burn, then [you're] in the right place."

You wouldn't think that pouring molten copper on stuff would be a watchable past time, but with more than 27 million views under this channel's belt, you would be wrong. 🔥

Tito4re's most recent experiment, pouring copper on a McDonald's Big Mac is slightly disturbing -- only because the Big Mac, famous for not being able to decompose pretty much survives this ordeal, too. (It's immortal, you guys!)

Keep in mind that molten copper has a temperature of 1,981 degrees, and the famous burger only succumbs to the heat when completely disassembled.

That's one way to grill?

Watch the full video below.

H/T Cosmopolitan