Luca Teuchmann / WireImage

Alison Brie's Embarrassing Story Is So Funny, You’ll Pee Your Pants

Like she did.

Being on a new show can really put some actors on edge. They don't want to screw anything up nor get on anyone's bad side in the cut-throat film industry. Unfortunately, this thought process ended up backfiring for Alison Brie during her earlier years on the period drama, Mad Men.

Guest-starring on Late Night with Seth Meyers Thursday (February 11), Brie shared a fairly intimate story about her serious and super embarrassing fashion faux pas involving a girdle. Apparently, you're not supposed to wear modern underwear underneath a girdle, because a girdle actually is underwear. Too bad Brie "didn't know that for like a season and a half of Mad Men."

One day at work, Brie — still new to the show — was taken to set, but had to make a quick detour to pee. And that's when all the drama went down (heh, literally). Let's just say Brie learned her lesson about doubling up on underwear after the incident. Watch the video below and cringe from secondhand embarrassment.