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Somehow Justin Bieber Had A Completely Different Hairstyle Every Month In 2015

Reliving his hair's big year in 12 photos.

Justin Bieber's hair has had quite the year. Bieber, once a man of hair consistency, began to dye it, grow it, cut it, on the regular. Now that 2015 is winding down, we're celebrating the only way we know how -- with photos of JB's hair.

Somehow, Justin managed to have a totally different look atop his head every month this year -- here they all are. Enjoy!!!!

  1. January

    Justin began the year with blond hair. Though we didn't know it at the time, he was totally foreshadowing what was to come later.

  2. February
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    By February, he had returned to his natural shade, and began adding some length.

  3. March
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    March was, um, not the greatest. It was long, slicked back, and, TBH, kinda sleazy looking. Justin recently called this time in his life "a funny hair phrase," so we're all on the same page, thankfully.

  4. April
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    At Coachella, Justin's hair was at its peak length, and he kept it out of his face with a bb ponytail.

  5. May
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    Then, in May, he cut it all off. The new look was like an updated version of the long-on-top fade he had for a v. long time.

  6. June
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    By June, he got a little ~looser~ with it, and, again, let it grow.

  7. July

    In the heat of the summer -- sun stroke is the only explanation for this style -- he tried out a middle part. Luckily, we only saw it on Instagram, never IRL.

  8. August
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    At the VMAs, he opted for a deep part with bangs. The good people of the internet realized it was a very Kate Gosselin-inspired look, and uh, they weren't wrong.

  9. September
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    In September, he debuted his most dramatic look to date—platinum hair. Like, PLATINUM. Also, his hair grows so fast, WTF?

  10. October
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    A month later it was more yellow-blond than platinum. It was darker and shorter on the sides and, generally, is a great look.

  11. November
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    In November he kept the length and color but tousled it to the left. If he could teach a class in tousle perfection, we'd take it. Thanks.

  12. December

    To close out the year, Justin got a much-needed haircut, losing some of the blond in the process.

We can't wait to see what 2016 will bring for Justin and his hair -- bring it on.