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Justin Bieber Knows His New Hair Looks Like Kate Gosselin’s

In case you missed it, at the 2015 VMAs, Justin Bieber unveiled a new hairstyle. It was swoopy, but not in the same way BB Bieber's was. It was blonder than his hair is naturally, but not as blond as it was earlier this year.

It was a new look for Bieber, but not an entirely new look for the world—we've seen it before and, obviously, the memes started rolling in.

JB's got that Kate Gosselin flow! While Kate ditched her infamous style years ago, it's back (and better than ever?). Justin even acknowledged the similarities, which means it's real. Justin Bieber and Kate Gosselin are the dancing twin emoji, basically. If anyone wants to Photoshop that for us, that'd be great, thanks.

Whether or not the 'do is here to stay remains to be seen, but we're pulling for another appearance—it was covered by a hat during his tear-filled performance, which means we only got to experience it for a little while.

Bring it back, Biebs! Thank you.