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This IRL Rapunzel And Her Daughters Will Make Your Hair Routine Seem Easy

Rapuzel, Rapunzel, please tell us you're not into roller coasters.

Do you wish you had longer hair? Prepare for some serious waves of jealousy. Tere Lynn Svetlich Russell of Illinois has literally never cut her hair. A lifetime of fastidious tress-growing has earned Russell beautiful locks that go all the way down to the floor.

Oh, and she has mini-me's! Yup. Russell's three daughters Callen, Cendalyn and Chesney all have long hair as well. The collective household hair length of the women is a whopping 17 feet and requires a quarter of a bottle of conditioner for every washing. (Who knew hair could be an expensive hobby?)

Russell says that she'll let her daughters decide for themselves whether they want to follow in her lifelong long hair footsteps but wants to make sure they're mature enough to make that decision when the time comes. When the ladies visit a hair salon, it does appear that at least one of the girls, Chesney, would like to trim her hair 10 inches soon. Watch it all for yourself here: