Michael Fletcher/Facebook

These Brothers Took A Selfie With An Eagle After They Rescued It From A Trap

Behold, #EagleSelfie: the selfie to end all selfies.

Two brothers from Sudbury, Ontario were just minding their own business hiking through the Canadian wilderness when they happened upon a bald eagle stuck in a trap. So they did the only logical thing (after freeing it, of course): They took a selfie with the majestic creature to commemorate the moment.

Neil and Michael Fletcher told CBC News the eagle's foot was stuck. "It was relieving to see that it was still alive," Neil said. "I knew we had to do something right away." They slowly approached, placed a sweater on the bird's head to keep it calm, and removed the trap. That's when Neil had a stroke of genius.

"I knew this would never happen again, so before we let it go, I told my brother Michael, 'We should take a picture with it.' The bird had its mouth open, but he never tried to fly or bite or do anything," he told CBC.

Michael Fletcher/Facebook

As evidenced by Michael's video, the eagle proceeded to drop the proverbial mic by swooping away as if nothing was amiss.

Someone give these heroes honorary American citizenship, already. Or at the very least, book them on "Late Show with Stephen Colbert" and have them enter to his infamously eagle-strewn "Colbert Report" opener. You're welcome, Internet.