'Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark' Lead Explains The Comic Book Origin Of 'Rise Above'

Earlier this week, we heard from "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark" lead Reeve Carney about the long, difficult road the show traveled to get to last week's Broadway premiere. And while he had a lot to say about the evolution of the story, characters, and theme of the show, "Turn Off The Dark" is, after all, a musical.

Given the hands-on involvement of U2 frontmen Bono and The Edge, we made sure to ask him about the music of "Turn Off The Dark" and how his own band, Carney, was involved with the production.

"Edge worked a lot with the band, and Bono did as well," Carney told MTV News. "They basically took my band, Carney, and worked with them as a trio for a few months, and then they eventually brought the full orchestra in. They used them to get the arrangements the way they wanted them to be, and sort of make them feel like a core rock n' roll band."

With the "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark" cast recording hitting shelves earlier this week and the first single, "Rise Above 1," currently making the rounds, Carney offered up some thoughts on comics-to-stage inspiration for the track.

"The song 'Rise Above' is basically putting into different words the Spider-Man mantra of 'With great power comes great responsibility,' because it would be kind of silly to sing With great power comes great responsibility,'" he explanied. "So they wanted to put it into something that was more singable. That's what 'Rise Above' is."

As Carney explains it, Bono and Edge and the rest of the "Turn Off The Dark" music team set out to make the show's music appeal to as broad an audience as possible — not just comic book fans or Broadway fans.

"The version [of 'Rise Above'] that Bono and Edge rewrote, the one we performed on 'American Idol,' that still applies to the Spider-Man stories, but it also broadens it to a wider audience, because I think it can apply to many different forms of loss — not just the loss of Uncle Ben in the show," he explained. "I'm really happy with that version of the song, because it's something a lot of people can relate to."

Of course, with everything going on with the show, Carney admits that he's had precious little time to devote to his band — which is ironic, given that it's what first brought him to the attention of former "Turn Off The Dark" director Julie Taymor. Now that the show is past its opening night and things have smoothed out, he's jumping back into band mode with a show at The Bowery Ballroom in New York City next month (July 25).

"My band's been very patient with me, because I haven't had time to write any songs or rehearse with them or anything," he said. "[The Bowery] is our first gig since this show has opened. I'm excited because I'm actually going to have time to rehearse for the gig this time."

However, don't expect to hear many of the songs from "Turn Off The Dark" during one of Carney's gigs, as he's intent on keeping those two sides of his musical career separated. Asked whether fans can expect any Spider-Man references in the show, Carney said "Rise Above 1" is the only track likely to ever find its way into one of his band's sets.

"One thing I love about 'Rise Above 1' is that it's the only song from the show I could potentially see working in the context of our band," he laughed.

The "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark" cast recording is available now, and includes the single "Rise Above 1." You can find out more about the band Carney and their upcoming shows at their official website.

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