Watch Post Malone Rise From The Dead In Zombie-Western 'Goodbyes' Video

Young Thug is there too, but he's not a zombie

The first thing you should know about Post Malone's new video for "Goodbyes" is that he dies in it. This is not a spoiler really because it happens in the first 30 seconds. And now, with that established, here's the second thing: The whole video is a zombie film, with Posty himself as the central undead.

It's also a Western, but instead of our hero donning a 10-gallon hat and spurs, he's a dusty biker clad in a leather jacket with an appropriate gang name of "Zombies" adorning the back. After being stabbed in a fight and mourned by Kathryn Newton of Blockers and Big Little Lies, Post rises and returns to stumble around a desert town, creeping toward revenge.

When he wanders into the club where Young Thug has taken the stage, he sees Newton with his enemy — the very man who cut him down — and this makes Post very thirsty. He pops open a Bud Light (naturally) and proceeds to begin his haunting, as the walking dead are wont to do.

The song itself is a heartbreak ballad that finds Post repeating "I want you out of my head / I want you out of my bedroom tonight" before the title's admission, the inverse of Sam Smith's problem, enters: "I'm no good at goodbyes." Thug's high-pierced cries of confusion accentuate the pain: "I want you out of my life / I want you back here tonight."

This cinematic visual was directed by Colin Tilley, who also helmed equally filmic videos like Halsey's "Without Me" and "Alright" by Kendrick Lamar. It's our first official Post single of the year, though "Wow" and "Sunflower" are still sitting pretty at 10 and 12 on the Billboard Hot 100, respectively.

Watch Post Malone become a zombie in the melancholy, desiccated "Goodbyes" video above.

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