'Hills' Star Audrina Patridge Gets The Ax In 'Sorority Row' Trailer

'Audrina PatridgeSummit Entertainment just released the new trailer for their upcoming horror flick "Sorority Row," and I gotta say — I think it looks kind of awesome. Is that just me?

The movie stars Briana Evigan ("Step Up 2: The Streets"), Leah Pipes, Rumer Willis and our very own "Hills" star Audrina Patridge. (Also in the film? Carrie Fisher, which is incredible.) In the film, a remake of "The House on Sorority Row," a group of sorority sisters accidentally cause the death of one of their own in a prank gone really, really badly. And if you watch the trailer, you see that — spoiler alert! — Audrina is unfortunately the one that gruesomely bites the dust. (Watch the trailer after the jump.)

The trailer starts by setting up the ladies' crazy Greek-life shenanigans — then Audrina's character discovers her boyfriend has cheated on her (what's up, Justin Bobby?) before enlisting her sorority sisters in a little revenge.

(Watch Audrina explain how she prepared for her death scene, after the jump!)

They decide to convince him that he's accidentally killed her. Unfortunately, it appears that he goes into panic mode and brutally attacks what he thinks is her corpse before the other girls can clue him in on the trick — and she dies a horrific death.

We were on the set of the film last fall and talked to Audrina about how she prepared for her big death scene. "I did practice," she laughed. "But, you know, once you're on set and in the moment, it's so much easier because you're around everybody else." And it's clear she manages to pull it off — no small feat, since she takes her gig very seriously. "Especially in a horror film, a lot of the deaths are so disgusting. You have to tough it out with all the blood, and it's so sticky and gross!"

What do you guys think of Audrina's screen time in the trailer? Will she cut it on the big screen? Let us know!