Who Is Who Is Fancy And Why Is Ariana Grande Teaming Up With Him?

Ari teases new collaboration.

When Ariana Grande dropped new single "Focus" at the end of October, we got pumped for a horn-heavy, highly danceable album -- and then she said Moonlight actually sounded nothing like that.

But all is not lost. On Tuesday, enigmatic pop vocalist Who Is Fancy revealed that Ari will be singing on his next single, "Boys Like You." Ari confirmed it with an Instagram post of her own.

She showed a ton of love to both the song and the singer in the caption: "#BoysLikeYou @whoisfancy I love this song I love this song I love this song and I love you, Fancy. So excited for your bright shiny future and to be a part of this. Let em have it @whoisfancy !!!! ?"

And Wednesday, Who Is Fancy confirmed yet another guest on "Boys Like You" -- his former tourmate Meghan Trainor.

This is cool for many, many reasons, but namely because Fancy's sound is fun and a little frisky (at least based on debut single "Goodbye," which dropped in February). But for real, who is Who Is Fancy? And did he choose his name perfectly to guide us down this rabbit hole of mystery and intrigue? Probably, yes. But here's what we know so far:

Next up? We just want to find out what "Boys Like You" sounds like.