The 13 Emotional Stages Of Listening To Little Mix's New Album

As told by emoji.

The day is finally here for devoted Mixers -- Little Mix have released their third album, Get Weird. On Friday (Nov. 6), Perrie, Jesy, Leigh Anne and Jade dropped the LP with songs like "Black Magic," "Love Me Like You" and "Grown," and, if you're like me, you've only stopped listening to tell other people to listen.

The pop album has everything -- hit pop songs, '60s girl-group throwbacks, '80s synths, heartbreaking ballads and even an a cappella track that shows off their tightly bound harmonies -- and it's made me feel everything on the emotional spectrum. Here's what I go through when I listen to Get Weird:

  1. 'Black Magic'

    Initial reaction: Sassier than a 'Toddlers & Tiaras' pageant mom at the regional championship.

    Thoughts: Since "Black Magic" was the first single off Get Weird, I've already been jamming to this track on my daily weekly runs. But today, the song, which is about having the confidence to love, has even more pizzazz. That's right. I said "pizzazz." It's the black magic working on me.

  2. 'Love Me Like You'

    Initial reaction: Bluer than Eiffel 65.

    Thoughts: I've always loved this song for its '60s vibes, wall of sound, "sha la la las" and the simple feeling of feeling "blue" when your dude is simply not following through. One of my favorite lyrics is "They try to romance me/ but you got that nasty/ and that's what I want" because it comes out of nowhere in a seemingly innocent-sounding song. That's when you know Little Mix is gonna roll out some unexpected tidbits.

  3. 'Weird People'

    Initial reaction: Weirder than a warthog dancing in the jungle with his warthog friends.

    Thoughts: Firstly, I want to be friends with anyone who uses this warthog emoji on the regular. Be my friend. I like you. Secondly, don't you just feel like a freaking weirdo when you listen to "Weird People"? It's not just the lyrics that encourage you to be yourself; the music moves you too -- the Paula Abdul-ish synths, the strange male robot voice and their fun ad-libs. So warthog around, you weird people. Just be a warthog.

  4. 'Secret Love Song'

    Initial reaction: Wait, hold on. I thought this was a party. What happened?

    Thoughts: The ladies team up with Jason Derulo for this heartbreaking ballad, and it hits you hard. The over-tuning on Derulo's voice throws me off a bit, but when you see it as a ballad between two lovers, prepare for the tears. "Why can't we be like that? Wish we could be like that," they sing sweetly over a pounding bass and melancholic strings. Ugh, I know the feeling, Little Mix.

  5. 'Hair'

    Initial reaction: Bossier than a permed poodle.

    Thoughts: Just when I thought the dance party vibes were over, LM stir up the chaos again. "Hair" seems like the perfect companion piece to "Secret Love Song." It's the night out with your girls after a breakup. It's the upbeat banger that saves you from bawling over the preceding song (just like how Taylor Swift's "22" comes right after "All Too Well" on Red). "Hair" is your buddy. "He was just a #@$% and I knew it," they sing. Yeah, forget him!

  6. 'Grown'

    Initial reaction: As adult as drinking vodka from a crazy straw.

    Thoughts: The football emoji above stands for the feeling you getting when you're totally out of someone else's league, and they want back in. Ever since they previewed the song last month, I've been playing this song whenever I need an emotional pick-me-up. It's always funny when an ex expects you to come right back to them when they say the word. No!

    The real highlight of the song is the beat in the pre-chorus -- it makes you want to swing low and snap like you just don't care. The brass, of course, helps deliver the confident message too.

  7. 'I Love You'

    Initial reaction: As beautiful and sad as a melting glacier in the Alaskan mountains.

    Thoughts: "It's always over, but it's still happening," they sing on "I Love You." Isn't that so true of some break-ups? You know you'll never be in love again, but you know you'll always love them in some way. They sing so carefully on this song, sometimes nailing the high notes boldly, sometimes whispering them with a fake falsetto. "I Love You" is so precious that it must be handled with care.

  8. 'OMG'

    Initial reaction: *Struts into the club like purple devil head emoji*

    Thoughts: I thought this was a Charli XCX track when I first heard it, but alas. The foursome play coy when it comes to breaking hearts on this song, and it makes for one of the more humorous tracks on the project -- it's sort of like a don't-hate-me-cuz-I'm-beautiful-type thing.

  9. 'Lightning'

    Initial reaction: More dramatic than those soap operas your aunt watches.

    Thoughts: "Lightning" takes many twists and turns. It starts off like a nature-sounds tape from a massage parlor and then gets all serious. Before you know it, it falls into a sinister EDM beat, and you're feeling like a hobbling demon at a rave. The lyrics echo a similar theme from the other tracks: "I wish I didn't love you/ But I do." The bridge is just haunting -- it sounds like a witch chant. And suddenly, the black magic is becoming real.

  10. 'A.D.I.D.A.S.'

    Initial reaction: Sexier than pepperoni pizza.

    Thoughts: Little Mix is so passive-aggressively sexual on this song, and it fills me with glee. The song title, of course, comes from the Korn song "A.D.I.D.A.S." ("all day I dream about sex"). The Korn connection is a little strange because LM and Korn both covered the song "Word Up" a while ago, so I'm starting to wonder why they love Korn so much.

    Anyway, here are the best lyrics from this song:

    -- "Slavin' in the kitchen, iced you a cake/ Then I served you a plate/ But that ain't what you ate"

    -- "We been busy doin' all 50 Shades/ While we listen to Drake/ We on that hot love and emotion"

    -- "Wanna take this ride? Better hurry. 'Cause me? One. You? There's a million. And they all wanna *huh* my Brazilian"


  11. 'Love Me Or Leave Me'

    Initial reaction: Sadder than a dog who can't catch his tail.

    Thoughts: I was always confused by this emoji: ?. What is up with this dude? Why is he so sad? Anyway, that's how I feel when I listen to "Love Me Or Leave Me." No matter how much Little Mix claim they don't need any lovers, they still come back to the universal feeling of wanting to belong to someone one. "This isn't fair/ Love me or leave me here," they sing. My heart is broken.

  12. 'The End'

    Initial reaction: More soulful than that Killers song that says "I got soul but I'm not a soldier" over and over.

    Thoughts: Nothing like ending an album with an a cappella track. It's a bold move, but Little Mix can pull it off. The harmonies are so in sync that, even though the track is bittersweet, it'll leave you on a cool note.

What did you feel while listening to the new Little Mix album? Tell us in the comments!