Jaden Smith, And 10 Other Celebs You Forgot Were On ‘The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody’

BRB, binge-watching this show.

Disney's beloved show "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" ended back in 2008, but over the show's three-year run, several famous faces have checked into the Tipton Hotel. Remember that crazy "That's So Raven"/"Hannah Montana" cross-over with "Suite Life"?

Moreover, before he was building pyramids in his backyard, rocking his prom like a boss and being a cosplaying badass, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's son was a cooking mastermind helping Zack and Cody impress their dates.

Check out all these famous peeps you completely forgot roamed the halls of the Tipton Hotel.

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    As mentioned above, Smith played Travis, a cooking wiz who helped the twins woo their dates. He also apparently prepped for his future role as "The Karate Kid," based on this photo.

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    The "Victorious" and "Zoey 101" actress guest-starred on the second episode of "Suite Life" as Rebecca, a girl who quickly caught Cody's attention. Cody entered a beauty contest to try and get closer to Rebecca, but dropped out to give her a serious chance to win. Oh, and they later kiss, because duh.

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    Coincidentally, the "Scream Queens" star appeared in the same episode with Justice, playing Brianna, a girl who also entered the beauty contest. She was the chick who brutally shut Zack down after he hit on her. Ah, young love.

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    Arguably one of the most iconic episodes from the series, McCartney played himself on the show. Maddie and London dressed up as dudes to try and get closer to him, aka stalk the poor guy. He also sang his song "Beautiful Soul."

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    Before Zefron was wearing super short shorts, he was busy making out with Ashley Tisdale on "Suite Life." Zefron played Trevor, a merit scholar who went on a date with London (and inadvertently, Maddie.)

    Plus, "High School Musical" co-stars Vanessa Hudgens and Monique Coleman also guest-starred on the show in another episode.

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    The "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" and "Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire" star played Ilsa Schicklgrubermeiger. (Try saying that five times fast.) Rhea had a recurring role on the show as a German hotel inspector, but then became the manager at the St. Mark Hotel, a rival of the Tipton Hotel.

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    Before traveling back to the '80s on "The Goldbergs," Gentile played Jeremy in the same episode as Zefron's. He was the twins' friend who played Total World Conquest with them and "hate[d] it when they f[ought]."

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    The "Read It and Weep" star played Amber, an older girl who didn't want to date Zack because she had a boyfriend and he was a high school freshman. Womp womp.

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    The pop star played Cody's girlfriend Gwen, until Gwen started to have feelings for Zack while rehearsing a school play. A big fight breaks out during the play (of course), but then trusty Bob swoops in to save the day. Again, ah, young love.

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    Cody managed to book The Cheetah Girls as guest stars on London's internet show "Yay Me!". However, unbeknownst to him, Maddie already booked Chris Brown as a guest star. Whoops. Later, Brown does some slick dance moves and The Cheetah Girls eventually join in on the fun.

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    The "iCarly" star played Jamie, the twins' recently wheelchair-bound friend. Still bitter about being handicapped, Jamie didn't want anything to do with playing in a wheelchair basketball game that took place at the Tipton Hotel. But in true Disney fashion, Jamie eventually agreed to play, and was actually quite good.

Excuse us while we go back and rewatch this entire amazing series.