Sorry, Chester: This 'Scream Queens' Star Thinks Chad And Chanel Are 'Meant To Be Together'

Hester and Chad might be a ~thing~ now, but Glen Powell thinks Chad and Chanel are the true OTP of this show.

The most recent episode of "Scream Queens" introduced us to our new favorite TV ship: Chester. The delightfully weird and wonderful pairing of Chad and Hester (the newly minted Chanel No. 6) is quickly becoming one of our favorite things about the show. Two necrophiliacs talking dirty in a graveyard? Yeah, we ship it. (We don't think we'll ever look at Lea Michele quite the same ever again.)

But Chester's twisted romance may be short-lived when Chad realizes just how disturbed Hester really is. "Chad is kind of a weird dude, but Hester is maybe the weirdest person that Fox will ever allow to be on TV ever again," Glen Powell told MTV News.

Hester's desire to become Chanel No. 1 might put her newfound friendship with Chanel (Emma Roberts) at risk. We're not sure Chanel will be down with her Kappa sister hooking up with her Dickie Dollar Scholar. And if we know Chad, he's not going to hide it.

"He's a pretty honest guy," Powell said. "He's not the kind of guy who hides a whole lot of stuff. He's not a malicious dude. That's probably his best quality... you know where he stands at any given moment. He'll be like, 'Oh, I hooked up with Hester. Sorry. I wanted to.'"

"That puts its own amount of pressure inside the Kappa house when Chad starts to find himself a soul mate in a fellow necrophiliac," he added.

Then again, given how the Chanels literally beat the crap out of the patriarchy, it's entirely possible Chanel No. 1 will come to her senses and realize she doesn't need Chad, or any Dickie Dollar Scholar, to drag her sisterhood down. But this is Chanel we're talking about here...

"As far as Chanel goes, the closer he gets to Hester -- and the crazier he sees her become -- the more he realizes he has something pretty incredible with Chanel," Powell said. "So there is this amazing push and pull that happens in this love triangle. Chad starts to feel that maybe Hester is too weird, even for him. And then, of course, he tries to go back to Chanel. That's when things really hit the fan."

"I think Chanel and Chad are meant to be together," he added. "I think that they may be the prequel to 'House Of Cards.' I think they're probably going to run the country."