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Kid Cudi Wants You To 'Abort The Train' If You're Not On Board With His New Sound

There's plenty of music on the way, though.

Kid Cudi fans have been itching for Man on the Moon III basically ever since Man on the Moon II: The legend of Mr. Rager hit stores. And that was almost five years ago, back in November 2010.

That album -- which has been preceded by three albums since MOTM2, with a fourth on the way soon -- is still in the works, but Cudder doesn't want you to sit around waiting for it, or have false expectations.

On Tuesday (Oct. 6), he hopped on Twitter to address the progress of the album (hint: it doesn't yet exist), and what fans have come to expect from him.

But if you don't want to save your money, and do want to continue supporting the Cleveland native's music, he's happy to have you on board, living and traveling at an evolved frequency. It's something we've heard on his new jams, like this week's "Wedding Tux" and "Judgemental C--t," and this summer's "Confused."

Cudi knows that the sounds are, at times, strikingly different than those which fans fell in love with on his first two MOTM installments. And people get upset about that. But he's finally come to grips with that reality.

And now he feels better.

If you're still riding with him, stay tuned, because there will be more info about his Speedin' Bullet To Heaven album in the coming weeks.

Thanks, brother.